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We know school will definitely happen, but where? And how? What will it be like? All this uncertainty takes a toll on our emotions – and on our skin, too!

Students wearing masks during back to school may suffer from  acne derived from its use, aka maskne.
To go back to school or to not go back to school – that is the question!
IMAGE: PATRICK MANSELL / PennState University

Uncertainty-related stress can kick up hormone levels, which leads to increased oil production that causes breakouts. Yikes. 

But don’t lose hope, friend. We’ve got some excellent back to school acne tips to help you navigate these tricky times.

Add some structure to your days
Lockdown, online classes, less outdoor activities, more time alone and less time with friends. It’s been challenging!

The one thing doctors are saying is most helpful to emotional resilience in times of uncertainty and stress is routine, routine, routine. We just get kind of lost when we don’t have a set schedule!

Routines help us feel safe and secure. They structure our days and give us something we actually can control.

And guess what else you improve when you stick to a routine – your skin! 

Routine beats back to school acne + stress

Following a daily routine not only keeps you calm, regulated and on track in times of uncertainty – it’s also the best way to beat acne.

Dr. Jeannette Jakus, board-certified dermatologist at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital explains that “the key to acne treatment and prevention is not piling on the products, but finding the right routine and sticking to it.”

Here is our best advice for keeping your emotions balanced and your skin clear as summer ends and school begins – whether that means at home online, in a socially-distanced classroom or some combo of the two.

Tips for a calm mind + clear skin routine 

  1. Stabilize your sleep cycle
    Waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day helps your body regulate stress. The Skincoach app can definitely help you with this! You get a bright wake up message to start your day fresh and a nighttime reminder to cleanse before you hit the pillow. It’s like a gentle reminder to stay on track and stand up to back to school acne.
  2. Start your days right
    Even if you’re not heading to a classroom, it’s still a great idea to keep up your usual schoolday routine. Brush your teeth, do your skincare routine and swap your PJs for an outfit that makes you feel good. Nothing fancy – just what you might wear to a friend’s house. You’ll feel so much more together.
  3. Get some fresh air
    Incorporate lung health into your skincare routine! When you get your morning Skincoach app notification – open the window, breathe deep and then hit your skincare routine. At bedtime, open the window wide while doing your cleanse-treat-hydrate to fill your space with fresh air.
  4. Reduce the risk of maskne
    “Maskne” is acne that results from wearing masks. And it’s definitely a thing to look out for during back to school acne time! A combination of friction, heat and sweat can cause inflammation, irritation and acne flare ups.  Your best defense against it is keeping your mask clean and following your skincare routine – the right products, in the right amount, at the right time.
  5. Notice your progress
    We’re so bombarded with news about what’s not going well that it’s sometimes hard to see what’s going well! We encourage you to enjoy the benefits of following a daily routine. Notice how your confidence is strengthened by sticking with something. Notice how much healthier you feel, how good it feels to cleanse and breathe regularly. A solid self-care routine is the key to becoming the best version of yourself – inside and out. 

Don’t have the Skincoach app yet? Get started here. We’ll send you a personalized routine and a kit of exactly the right back to school acne products for your skin type and acne condition. Selfie checkins make sure your routine and products fit you perfectly.

Skincoach is like a vitamin of great vibes and encouragement – twice a day!

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